Education Tauranga

Priority One works closely with Education New Zealand to grow the value of international students to Tauranga and the Western Bay of Plenty.  As a result, Education New Zealand committed co-funding to employ a regional resource to implement the strategy.  The international student market is currently worth over $55 million annually to the Western Bay of Plenty sub-region’s economy and has significant potential for growth, particularly in light of planned growth in the tertiary sector.  Education Tauranga’s International Manager is based in Priority One’s office.  Initiatives progressed include the development of marketing collateral for use by members, investigating new opportunities in Thailand and Vietnam, hosting inbound delegations from China and arranging delegations of Education Tauranga members to China and Korea.

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Education Tauranga

Education Tauranga project aims

35% growth in value by 2022

$70 million per annum contribution to local economy (2016)

26% growth in FTE students (2016)

36 primary, secondary & tertiary institutions