Hitachi, Ibaraki, Japan

Hitachi is located in the north eastern part of Ibaraki prefecture.  The city covers an area of 225.55km² and has a population of 190,000 people.  Hitachi is a prominent industrial city in Japan and was the birthplace of Hitachi Limited.  The city now has more than 800 manufacturing facilities, many of which are focused in the electrical machinery industry.  In 2005, Hitachi declared its ambition to work towards creating a recycling-oriented city through projects including the biomass town initiative designed to utilise reusable, biological energy and other activities to ensure the natural environment is protected and enhanced.

Tauranga and Hitachi are working together in the following areas:

  • International education exchange;
  • Trade development;
  • Cultural exchange;  and
  • Tourism promotion.
Hitachi, Ibaraki, Japan

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