The Tauranga Business Case

Priority One supports the creation of an environment that attracts new business and retains those businesses that we already have.  ‘The Tauranga Business Case’ showcases the diversity of successful, innovative, high-value, internationalised businesses located across Tauranga and the Western Bay of Plenty, with the aim of attracting new business in strategic industry sectors.  The campaign highlights our competitive advantages such as the availability and cost of business land, easy access to transport infrastructure for domestic and international markets, quality labour resources, access to ultrafast broadband and an attractive quality of life proposition.  Priority One also assists businesses considering moving to the sub-region to smooth the relocation process.  This includes helping with local authority issues and processes, offering advice and making referrals to the services provided by Priority One’s members.

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The Tauranga Business Case

The Tauranga Business Case project aims

12 businesses relocated in the last year

227 initial new jobs from 11 relocations

Jobs from 11 relocations grown from 227 (2011) to 509 (2016)

23 companies at stages of decision making