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Groundswell - the Bay's inaugural innovation festival
26 June 2017

The inaugural Groundswell festival of innovation will showcase how people and businesses in the Bay are leading the way through innovation.  The week-long series of events will reinforce the culture of innovation that is fundamental to our region’s future as a centre of excellence on a regional and international level and its ability to attract skilled talent, organisations and investment.  Groundswell will bring together new and established events, thought leaders, businesses and organisations with a common goal to encourage collaboration, conversations and connections.  There will be presentations, workshops, networking events, open days, exhibitions and forums.  Groundswell is being held from 7-13 August 2017 and is being organised by Priority One with support from Callaghan Innovation, Bay of Connections and innovators and groups across the Bay of Plenty community.  Be among the first to know when the schedule and tickets for the event are released by signing up to