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Priority One Annual General Meeting
Priority One Annual General Meeting

Priority One’s Annual General Meeting. was held on Monday 14th of December.

We took this meeting as an opportunity to present a strategy to create better economic prosperity in this region.  We can do this by creating more value through a focus on building our innovation ecosystem, and by ensuring that we grow in an intelligent and sustainable manner. 

A key component to making more impact in the region is developing a strong partnership with the government; we would expect this to cover how the region grows, the quality of that growth, and opportunities to jointly add value to the economy - from infrastructure through to education. 

In support of that, the audience heard from Ernst Zollner from the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development and Angie Warren Clarke – Labour List MP.

Alongside a refreshed strategy, we were pleased to report the regional economy and our membership has come through a tough year in good shape.