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Property and community leaders strive for the betterment of Tauranga
Property and community leaders strive for the betterment of Tauranga

Following a collective concern from Tauranga businesses, property and community leaders launched Tauranga’s own Urban Task Force (UTF). The incorporated society plans to provide strong leadership, advocacy, and positive change for the betterment of the community. In short, UTF’s objective is to provide a powerful collective voice for Tauranga’s property ownership, development and building communities.

Scott Adams spoke at the launch event, held at the University of Waikato, about the current lack of leadership at the local authority level, and the ongoing disappointing lack of action taken by the council.

“Unless the Tauranga community takes a more active role as a city we will continue to defer on investment and fail to respond to our growth opportunities,” says Adams.

“As a group of concerned leaders within the local community and property industry we need to act collaboratively and decisively, and support the community not just with the thinking, but with the delivery of key infrastructure and housing projects.

“We need to fill the leadership void, work collaboratively with local authorities and create a united front for the future of our district,” he says.

They shared the many key focus areas for 2021 including governance and leadership, liveability, funding and investment, and vision.

  • Governance and Leadership - Advocate for connected thinking, connected planning, connected governance and strong leadership.
  • Liveability - Investment in quality spaces and cycle and transport networks to better connect our city.
  • Vision - Develop a cohesive vision for Tauranga as a city and make it happen.
  • Tauranga CBD - Invest in civic amenities and support private sector commitment and investment to develop a CBD that is vibrant and that we are proud of.
  • Funding and Investment - Urgently attract central government and Waka Kotahi (NZTA) funding to Tauranga.

The UTF committee consists of an influential group of founding members including; Scott Adams (Carrus) in the role of Chair, Steve Cutfield (Classic Group), Simon Collett (Holland Beckett Law), Scott McKenzie (PMG Funds), Morgan Jones (Veros), Buddy Mikaere (Ngāti Ranginui and Ngāti Pukenga) and Peter McCawe (Hawkins).

The UTF's purpose is to:

  • Represent property professionals and funders, developers, iwi & hapu, owners and managers of property (industry leaders) in the district.
  • Provide strong and informed leadership to our local authorities.
  • Promote and foster productive local networks in property.
  • Advocate for our industry leaders in making submissions to central and local government.

Following this event, UTF invites further membership from the community of Tauranga. For information, contact them at, or visit their website.