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Free career guidance sessions coming to New Zealanders
Free career guidance sessions coming to New Zealanders

The Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) has partnered with Ara Rau – Pathways to Work to hold one-to-one sessions twice a week from Wednesday, 17th March 2021and will continue through to the end of June, at Ara Rau’s employment hub in Tauranga CBD.

TEC is funding a free career advice service designed to help job seekers navigate the difficulties presented in the job market due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Direct Career Service is designed to help New Zealanders get back into work through a one-to-one talk with a qualified professional, where the main purpose is to identify current skills and how these skills can be transferred into different industries.

Working from the Ara Rau employment hub will be Hana Lambert and Miriam O’Connor, two career development practitioners with years of experience.

This collaboration between TEC and Ara Rau is a great opportunity for job seekers to come along and get, not only advice but also information on where the future of work is heading in the Bay of Plenty, and get an understanding of what skills and qualifications will be relevant for different industries in the years to come.

Hana Lambert is an experienced career professional with over 31 years of experience working in student services and career development across New Zealand. Hana has recently joined TEC’s Direct Career Guidance by encouraging and supporting people through their work and training options through the COVID-19 Pandemic. Hana works in private practice with Rata Careers (which she founded in 2008) and is a professional member and serves on the National Executive Committee of the Career Development Association of NZ (CDANZ).

Miriam O’Connor is a career consultant with the TEC and specialises in helping her clients secure a new role or promotion, make a career change, re-enter the workforce after a break, navigate employment and explore education and training options. Miriam is also a Certified Advanced Resume Writer and operates Successful Resumes Bay of plenty and a member of CDANZ.

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