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yia! internship insight!
yia! internship insight!

Noah Bell of Aquinas College found out about yia! through his school and “decided to give it a shot over lockdown to see if my ideas could be put to use". Little did he know that later in the year he’d be the yia! 2020 intermediate winner. Noah was thrilled and shocked when he found out he was a 2020 winner! With this win came the opportunity for Noah to intern with innovation superstars and yia! partners Bluelab. Bluelab creates incredible products to get the most from water-based plant growing systems.

Noah learnt “a lot more about working in an innovative environment, the project development process and how to get your innovation out to the world.” And “about how important innovation is to companies like them (Bluelab), I saw the whole development process from design to development to production.”

“I've been wanting to enter the tech world for a long time now, I learned so many technical skills at my Bluelab Internship that I'm sure will be useful for me in the future (whether it be for coursework, my career or even day-to-day personal projects).”

Noah has given us the quiet nod that he’ll be back in 2021. We are excited to see what innovation Noah comes up with this year.

Noah’s tip for peers entering yia! this year:

“Take your time, plan things through and make sure to get feedback and data from your peers.”