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Great stuff happening in New Zealand media
Great stuff happening in New Zealand media

Last Friday, the CEO and owner of Stuff, Sinead Boucher presented at Trinity Wharf Tauranga for over 50 of our members. Sinead took over the ownership of Stuff in May 2020, during the height of the global pandemic, for just $1. 

Throughout the presentation, Sinead had a warm presence with a clear and strong leadership focus, supported on the day by a team of dedicated high-level employees. Topics shared included the rationale for the purchase, insight into her decision-making and the future of Stuff / New Zealand media.

With 1.5 million daily readers, surging to 2.5 million readers during the pandemic, Sinead knew this was both a risk and an opportunity to steward the organisation. She noticed that readers sought fair and reliable journalism alongside employees who were needing job certainty during the unprecedented times. 

Having almost four years of experience as the CEO, a plan for the future and an enormous amount of courage, Sinead took ownership of the organisation, becoming responsible for over 900 employees. 

Taking this leap was a big decision for Sinead, she did not have a business background, rather one in journalism and reporting. The decision was based on her organisational-wide philosophy ‘Kia tÅ«peke te toa', meaning 'Let the brave leap'.

There is a strong future ahead for journalism with hopes that the Government steps in to combat misinformation, primarily on social media. Sinead aims for Stuff to be around for another 160 years (at least) and seeks to obtain the title of New Zealand’s most trusted media. 

Nigel and Sinead had some time to reconnect after having worked together at Stuff many years ago. 

We would like to thank Sinead Boucher, Jodie Snooks, Duncan Brough, Taite Smith, Johnathon McKenzie, Mark Stevens and Andy Symons for taking the time to share your journey with our business community. We were pleased to hear the future regional plans for Stuff and look forward to welcoming more journalists locally.