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Insight to Angel investment in the Bay
Insight to Angel investment in the Bay

Submitted by Enterprise Angels:

Enterprise Angels believe that growing innovative, socially and environmentally responsible companies is the key to ensuring people, communities, businesses, the environment, and the economy thrive.

Since launching in 2008, Enterprise Angels has facilitated the investment of over $50m in more than 96 early stage and established businesses across a variety of industries.

However high growth start-ups need more than just capital, they need expertise and connections. We’re always looking for experienced businesspeople who want to do something different and get involved in exciting businesses that are making a difference. 

Who are Angel Investors?

Angel Investors are savvy businesspeople who have the understanding, experience, skills and money required to help companies grow. 

They may have successfully built their own or other businesses to exit stage in the past, or have available funds from past business success, and the time and drive to help.

They need to qualify as a Wholesale Investor under the FMCA 2013 Schedule 1, read here for more.

What do Angel Investors Do?

They are always on the lookout for innovative businesses that have the potential for significantly higher returns than they would see from investments in established companies.

Activities range from mentoring founders, guiding or preparing them for the capital raising journey, investing, and providing connections and expertise in many areas including international markets, governance, senior management, sales, finance, technology and operations. This experience is leveraged to help supercharge the growth of the companies..

What type of companies do they invest in?

Enterprise Angels members have invested in diminutive crispy apples, disruptive employee engagement solutions, stream processing solutions for big data, health screening tech, electric bikes, life extending enzymes, mass audience activation, animal health advances, the humble loudspeaker reinvented, microbe gold mining, AI customer service and so much more.

Why are Angel Investors important?

When Angel Investors invest in early-stage companies, the capital is most often used in product development, hiring staff, purchasing equipment, and other activities required to grow a business.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) highlighted the important role Angel Investors play filling the gap that lies between seed stage (often funded by company founders, friends and family, universities and research institutes) and venture capital funds (i.e., typically above $3 million).

Are you interested in joining this collaborative, forward thinking group?

Check out our website to find out more about us and the type of companies we work with.

Come along to our lunchtime Investor Insights event on Wednesday 12 May that is specially designed for potential members to increase their knowledge and understanding around Angel Investing.

This small round table interactive event will be held in the Vault Boardroom on Spring Street. It will be an opportunity to get to know some experienced members, newer members as well as some of the Enterprise Angels Team.

There will be a panel of three experienced investors joining us to share their experiences and providing tips on how to make the most of your membership. They will be:

  • Alan Dick - Angel Investor of the Year 2019, Resident Due Diligence Expert.
  • Katherine Sandford - 2019 Enterprise Angels’ Investor Director of the Year and recipient of the Angel Association's coveted PÅ«awaitanga Award. Chair of Enterprise Angels Portfolio company UBCO.
  • Hadleigh Ford -Founder and CEO of Enterprise Angels portfolio company SwipedOn and also an Angel Investor.

For more information and to register click here.

If you can’t make this event but are keen to find out more, email or phone 07 571 2520.