Why join Priority One?

We sit at the heart of business, local government and economic activity in the sub-region, with access to the information and contacts that businesses need to succeed.  We are able to direct our business members to the most appropriate source of information dependent on the inquiry.  Regular member functions are also held throughout the year.

We are as loyal to our members as they are to us.  Regularly approached for advice on where to go for products, services or support, Priority One members are our first port of call.  Our business attraction campaign has seen these referrals increase significantly in recent years.

We regularly assist members make their dealings with local and central government processes quick and easy, from resource consents to government funding, to the immigration of skilled workers.

We make sure the business community is represented and heard on issues being considered by local and central government.

Member Promotion
The Priority One website is a central hub for people looking for information about Tauranga and the Western Bay of Plenty.  Member businesses each have a profile page on the site to ensure you get the first shot at new customers and business opportunities.  We also feature members in our newsletter, which is received by over 3000 subscribers each month.

Destination Promotion
We have a strong focus on the attraction of business and skilled people to the sub-region through a targeted marketing campaign called The Tauranga Business Case.  This means more potential customers for our members and a larger pool of people for them to recruit from.  The campaign also promotes innovative member businesses through case studies in local, national and international media.

Make a difference
Our business members are able to play an active part in bringing positive change to the nature and shape of the local economy so that we attract skilled people and the businesses that need them, and have educational opportunities and jobs for our young people.

Big picture
In summary, our business members help us grow the ‘economic pie’.

How to Join
To apply for membership, please click here.