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New 3D video showcases benefits of investing in New Zealand's fastest growing region.

Tauranga proves good business move for Jenkins Group with 57% reduction in distribution costs
17 November 2016
Tauranga proves good business move for Jenkins Group with 57% reduction in distribution costs

Looking to expand their family owned fruit labelling business into new industry sectors, the Jenkins Group settled on Tauriko Business Estate in Tauranga as home for its newly formed entity Jenkins Freshpac Systems Ltd. Four years on the latest statistics have proved the worth of their decision.

Figures show a whopping 57 per cent reduction in distribution costs and a significant increase in efficiencies, with lead times reduced to the extent that they can now reach around two thirds of their customers within the same day.

New 3D video showcases benefits of investing in New Zealand’s fastest growing region

Managing Director Tony Sayle says the reduced costs and increased efficiencies more than validate their Tauranga move and have enhanced their ability to meet increasing levels of customer service demands. “These findings show that Tauranga suits our needs extremely well. We’re in close proximity to the Port of Tauranga for importation of equipment and raw materials and our location at Tauriko Business Estate represents a cross roads for distribution and servicing, not only nationally but for both Eastern and Western Bay of Plenty based customers. We’re very pleased to be here.”

Tauranga stood out to the Jenkins Group as a solution to business frustrations in Auckland.

“It all started when our chair was driving down Tamaki Drive during the Ports of Auckland strike and saw a massive billboard installed by Priority One, promoting Tauranga. So we looked into it. Whilst we had been present in Tauranga with our service team, we decided it would be a great option for us to invest in our new headquarters for Jenkins Freshpac Systems Ltd and extend our product range and services to our horticulture customers nationally.” says Tony.

Once the decision was made to move, the process happened extremely efficiently. “We began the search for a Tauranga site in 2012, settling on Tauriko Business Estate. We began construction in February 2013 and took ownership of the site in August of the same year.”

Being a family-owned and operated business, when the Jenkins Group opted to move from Auckland, taking their staff with them was paramount. “All of our Freshpac Systems staff made the move down from Auckland. The lifestyle and living costs are a great bonus and make Tauranga an easy sell! What’s more we got incredible support from Priority One, the economic development agency, to assist not only with consenting and infrastructure needs but also in supporting our families in finding housing, school and employment opportunities. Staff retention has been incredibly high since we’ve been here and with less traffic, more affordable housing and the enviable lifestyle, we’re also finding there’s a growing local talent pool of people to support our business needs.”

Tony says, when considering all options and locations for Jenkins Freshpac Systems headquarters, Tauranga met all their criteria compared to the other locations they considered. “If you combine the support we received from Priority One in making the transition and facilitating the construction and set-up of our extended operations with the strong network of a supportive local business community to meet our business needs as a manufacturer and employer, Tauranga’s been a great success story for us as a business.”

Tauranga has also proven to be a solid business decision for Brother International

Jenkins Freshpac Systems Ltd aren’t the only business showing significant profit gains since moving to Tauranga. Another example, Brother International, recently disclosed they’re projected savings of $5 million over five years has proven to be the case since moving their head office from Wellington to Tauranga.

As part of a nationwide drive to attract more multi-nationals and business relocations, Priority One has now released a 3D animated fly-through of the city centre showcasing investment opportunities and the region’s competitive advantages for businesses that are based here.