Māori Economic Development

Facilitating Connections Across the Māori Economy

The Kaihautu Ōhanga Māori will work with existing networks, consultants and sector strategy groups to establish Māori subgroups / reference groups to focus on sector-specific Māori economic development activities.  Through this process we will expand the range of Māori economic development leaders involved in our key activities.

Supporting Māori Business Growth

We will focus on helping grow more high value, sustainable business opportunities for Māori, either through their existing business or new ventures by sharing innovation best practice, developing joint opportunities and facilitating access to finance.

He Rangatahi, He Anamata – creating successful futures for Māori youth

A focus on education and skills for young people, aligned to skill gaps, job opportunities and iwi aspirations within the region will make a major contribution toward achieving successful outcomes for Māori youth.  We will identify opportunities for training in specific industries, management and governance across the region, and work with education providers and organisations in the Bay of Plenty to align training with Māori aspirations and regional market needs.

Māori Economic Development

Māori Economic Development project aims