Access Advisors
Access Advisors
Access Advisors

Access Advisors is a pan-disability social enterprise which helps organisations become accessible and inclusive for people with accessibility needs (including disability, chronic health, metal health and other impairments).  We partner with organisations across the disability sector to cover the full spectrum of disability access needs for both staff and customers in the workplace. Our aim is to increase employment opportunities for people with disabilities and ultimately bridge the disability employment gap. 

A key initiative of Access Advisors is the Accessibility Tick Programme. This is a membership programme designed to support New Zealand organisations to create systemic change and become more accessible and inclusive of people with disabilities.

Organisations that join the Accessibility Tick Programme are provided the tools and expertise they need to successfully employ people with disabilities, enriching the diversity of their organisations and accessing the full labour force.

Contact Name: Kerry Webb

Physical Address: 160 Seventeenth Avenue Tauranga

Postal Address: 160 Seventeenth Avenue Tauranga

Work Phone: 022 013 7352

Industry Description: Social Enterprise

Product Or Service: Consulting