Startup Weekend Tauranga

Startup Weekend Tauranga is a 54-hour event for budding technical and non-technical entrepreneurs.  Participants collaborate and develop ideas for new products or services over a weekend that have the potential to become new startup companies.  The event culminates with demonstrations and presentations on the ideas on the Sunday evening.  Startup Weekend Tauranga creates the perfect environment for someone that is looking for feedback on an idea or wants to collaborate with like-minded individuals with specific skill sets to take their idea to the next level.  This year Startup Weekend Tauranga was held from 31 August until 2 September and was part of the Groundswell Festival of Innovation.  Priority One is a gold sponsor of this event.

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Startup Weekend Tauranga

Startup Weekend Tauranga project aims

91 people attending pitch night

8 teams

55 participants

27 ideas pitched