Tauranga - a great location!

If you’re considering relocating your business to Tauranga or exploring investment opportunities, you’ve come to the right place!  It’s all about your ultimate bottom line - profit, people, place and potential.

Strategically located two and a half hours south of Auckland, Tauranga provides a compelling location for new business and investment.  We have efficient and cost-effective access to national and international markets, competitively priced commercial land, access to skilled and talented people, and unparalleled business networks that are passionate about collaboration and innovation.

Tauranga is a thriving region with plenty of innovative, high-value, export-focused businesses.  Each of these companies represents an opportunity for you, whether as a partner, supplier, service provider or just an advisor.  The area has competitive advantages in R&D in the areas of precision horticulture, food manufacturing, marine science, IT, specialised manufacturing, and supply chain and logistics.

The region’s innovation eco-system has experienced a rapid transformation over the last few years.  Tauranga has the largest and most active angel investment group, Enterprise Angels, and one of three government supported ‘deep IP’ technology incubators, WNT Ventures.  Work is underway on the establishment of PlantTech, the new technology-based research institute that will accelerate innovation in the horticulture sector, supported by an investment by central government of $8.4 million.

Tauranga - a great location!

Tauranga - a great location! project aims