News & Events

Breakfast Connect at Fashion Island
27 March 2019

Breakfast Connect is a regular networking group for business people new to the city or existing business owners looking for support or better visibility.  It is run by Small Business Tauranga under the Tauranga Chamber of Commerce umbrella.  The next event at Papamoa is being hosted by Fashion Island, which has undergone major redevelopment works, including a food precinct, since it was purchased by Cotton On Group in 2016.  This event is being held from 7am until 8.30am at Blackberry Café, 42 Gravatt Rd, Tauranga.  It costs $15 for Chamber of Commerce members to attend and $25 for non-members.  Click here for further information and to register.

Thriving with Diverse Customers
27 March 2019

According to Maya Angelou, customers may forget what you've said but they never forget how you made them feel.  Helping customers to meet their needs is the basis of great customer service, but you need to know what their needs are first - and they can be diverse.  This workshop will give you the practical tools and confidence to provide excellent customer service to a diverse range of customers.  It has been specifically tailored for small business owners, team leaders and anyone in a customer service role who would like to take their skills to the next level.  It is being held from 9am until 12.30pm on Wednesday 27 March at Tauranga Chamber of Commerce and costs $120 for Chamber members to attend and $170 for non-members.  Click here for further information and to register.

IoD Event: Managing your Intangible Assets
28 March 2019

Intangible assets (including data, content, software, brands, confidential information and designs) are among the most important assets companies own, accounting for more than 87% of all company value.  Directors should understand the value and impact of all assets and liabilities under their stewardship to ensure ROI is achieved and risks are managed.  Guest speaker at this event is Paul Adams, CEO of EverEdge Global, who will look at the importance of identifying, valuing and managing intangible assets and associate risks and ensure they consistently perform well to give your organisation a competitive advantage.  This event is being held from 12pm until 2pm on Thursday 28 March at Tonic Bar, 1029 Tutanekai St, Rotorua.  It costs $40 for IoD members and $55 for non-members to attend.  Click here for further information and to register.

Your impact in the workplace and the impact of others on you
29 March 2019

Mandy Lacy Consulting is running a series of two-day professional development workshops throughout 2019 that will focus on experiential learning so participants can find out more about the impact they have on themselves and others in the workplace and better understand how others impact on them.  Focusing on professional and personal development, the workshops use transactional analysis as a basis for understanding behaviour and solving problems.  For each workshop, the first day focuses on the topic in a learning environment, while the second day is for people that want to integrate their learning through practice and reflection.  The full programme of topics covered and registration details can be found at

Better Exporting Meetup
9 April 2019

ExportNZ Bay of Plenty is hosting a Better Exporting Meetup where speakers will share how they are succeeding globally through the application of best practice across all elements of their international growth strategy.  To help facilitate the valuable exchange of ideas amongst the group, these events are run in a roundtable, interactive format.  Input from experts with varying perspectives will produce new thinking that challenges existing best practices.  Seats are limited so this event is only open businesses that are involved in exporting.  It is being held from 4.30pm until 6pm on Tuesday 9 April at BNZ Partners Centre Tauranga, 639 Cameron Rd, Tauranga.  It is free for EMA/ExportNZ members to attend and costs $55+GST for non-members.  Click here for further information and to register.

ICT Cluster Quiz Night
10 April 2019

The ICT Cluster Quiz Night is on again this year, sponsored by Priority One and supported by local ICT businesses.  Each year around 20 teams of six people battle it out for the winner’s crown, with lots of prizes and fun to be had on the night.  The event operates with a cash bar, but there are complimentary nibbles provided.  This year’s event takes place from 5pm on Wednesday 10 April.  To register your team, email

Cashflow Management Seminar
10 April 2019


Have you ever wondered why your bank account doesn’t reflect your profit?  Do you understand your cash conversion cycle?  Would you like to have better cashflow this year?  Ingham Mora is hosting a seminar that will help you learn the difference between profit and cash surplus, how the working capital cycle works and how to establish your own cash conversion cycle.  Attendees will also find out how to identify the causes of poor cashflow and understand what they need to do to improve their cashflow position.  This seminar is being held from 5pm until 7pm on Wednesday 10 April at Ingham Mora’s offices, 60 Durham St, Tauranga and costs $20 per person to attend.  Click here for further information and to register.

Behind the Scenes at MacKenzie Elvin
10 April 2019

The next ‘behind the scenes’ event hosted by the Tauranga of Commerce Business Women’s Network will visit Mackenzie Elvin, a progressive law firm with clients throughout the wider Bay of Plenty.  Founding partner Fiona Mackenzie established the firm in 1980 with husband and commercial lawyer, Graeme Elvin, juggling motherhood with her legal career.  That family friendly ethos and desire to help local families and businesses succeed still runs strong in the firm today.  Property lawyer and business, Marcus Wilkins, is the third partner and Tom Elvin joined the firm in 2018, ensuring it continues to evolve in a forward thinking way.  This event is being held from 5.15pm until 7pm on Wednesday 10 April at MacKenzie Elvin, 44 Brown St, Tauranga and costs $25 for Chamber members to attend and $35 for non-members.  Click here for further information and to register to attend.

Future of Work Conference
15 April 2019

Leadership, innovation and sustainability and the areas of focus for the Future of Work Conference, being held in Hamilton in April.  Hosted by the University of Waikato’s Management School and the NZ Institute for Business Research, the guest speaker is Jan Zijderveld, current CEO of Avon International and former president of Unilever Europe.  The summit will look at future visions in the world of work and the impact of issues such as globalisation, climate change, depleting natural resources and technology convergence.  There will be separate master classes where the challenges of leadership, innovation and sustainability will be discussed.  This conference is being held from 9.30am-5pm on Monday 15 April 2019 at the University of Waikato Management School, Hillcrest Rd, Hamilton and costs $115 per person to attend.  Click here to register.

LinkT Go Karts
16 April 2019

Join the Chamber of Commerce LinkT young professionals to experience the excitement of motorsport at Bay Karts Tauranga.  Teams of six will compete to race around 40 laps per person, with the fastest lap receiving pole position in the grand final comprising the top eight teams.  There will be prizes for the winning team and medals for second and third place.  Refreshment and nibbles will also be provided and there will be plenty of opportunities for networking.  This event is being held from 5pm until 8pm on Tuesday 16 April at 8 Titoki Place, Owens Place at the Mount.  It costs $35 for a single entry and $215 for a team of six.  Click here for further information and to register.

Business Breakfast with Marty Grenfell, CEO of Tauranga City Council
17 April 2019

The next Business @ Breakfast event hosted by Tauranga Chamber of Commerce will have Marty Grenfell, the CEO of Tauranga City Council, as the guest speaker.  Marty's career in local government commenced in 2005 after 20 years with the New Zealand Police.  He believes local government is all about working alongside the community to create and facilitate opportunities for residents, businesses and visitors to the city.  Marty will provide his insights into where the city is at present, where he sees it going in the near future and what he understands his role to be.  Click here for further information and to register to attend.