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Those familiar with the Instep Informer newsletter will be used to reading a retrospective summary of key Instep activities from each school term.

While the once-a-term timing remains the same, our new-look Informer will now also share key economic and labour market insights that pertain especially to education and the future of work, as well as stories of relevance to parents and whānau who have children in our Tauranga Moana schools.

Everyone has a role to play in nurturing our education-to-employment ecosystem to function as well as it needs to for our collective prosperity. As our latest Informer indicates, parents in particular still have significant influence over the study and work attitudes of their children.

As many Priority One members are parents themselves, we’d be grateful for any feedback on how we can make this newsletter as informative and useful for you as possible. The aim will be to improve and refine as we go, making each one better than the last.

And for our long-standing school staff recipients, any channels you can utilise to distribute the Instep Informer to families in your school communities would be gratefully appreciated.