The Tauranga CBD Blueprint

Te pai me te whai rawa o Tauranga Moana ki te ao

Tauranga’s CBD Blueprint showcases the exponential growth in development that’s expected to take place in Tauranga’s CBD from 2022 to 2030. It’s the first of its kind for our city, capturing the magnitude of committed development in the CBD and promoting the reinstatement of Tauranga’s city centre as the civic, commercial, and cultural capital of the Bay of Plenty.

It includes the 20 major, catalyst developments that are committed for the city before 2030, underpinning $1.5 billion in investment and laying the foundation for further opportunities.

These developments will help to transform Tauranga’s CBD - building a thriving city that meets the needs of our people today, and tomorrow.

CBD Blueprint Overview

Tauranga is Aotearoa New Zealand’s fastest growing city and people are attracted to the city’s relaxed lifestyle, coupled with rich opportunities for education, business, and personal growth. The city is transforming into a vibrant, productive, and prosperous city for our people – a place that people will choose to live, learn, work, and play in.

Showcasing the major developments that are committed for the Tauranga’s CBD within the next eight years, the Blueprint highlights significant investor confidence in Tauranga’s growth trajectory.

Every downtown and urban place has a unique set of circumstances and recipes for success. Cities are successful when there is a collaborative approach to attracting commercial development, involving key stakeholders, and taking a holistic approach to economic investment. This drives effective urban planning that encompasses everyone.

The Tauranga CBD Blueprint is designed to capture and showcase the magnitude and scale of committed development in the CBD and to promote the reinstatement of Tauranga’s city centre as the civic, commercial, and cultural capital of the Bay of Plenty.

CBD Blueprint Maps

The Tauranga CBD Blueprint only includes developments that have high levels of certainty of completion, providing developers, investors, and the public with increased confidence about the transformation of Tauranga’s CBD.

The 20 catalyst projects outlined in the Tauranga CBD Blueprint signify a strong foundation to build upon and further ongoing work with CBD developers and stakeholders will seek to encourage further building on this $1.5B investment.

Reimagining the heart of our city

The Tauranga CBD Blueprint has been developed in partnership with developers, landowners, investors, and the Tauranga City Council.

Alongside the council’s planning, we’ve taken a place-based approach to how we redefine Tauranga’s CBD. Featuring eight precincts, the Blueprint and the City Centre Strategy and Action Plan fit seamlessly together to deliver a cohesive and exciting future for our city.

Precincts help to make cities more liveable – allowing people to live, work, learn and play within proximity. They create better placemaking outcomes, drive greater activation and collaboration, boost economic growth and opportunities, and result in better integration of land use and infrastructure investment planning.

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