A higher perspective on the city’s transformation

Since the inception of Priority One’s Tauranga CBD Blueprint  two years ago, the landscape of Tauranga’s city centre continues to undergo significant transformation, with over $1.5 billion in investments across several major catalyst developments committed to reshaping the cityscape by 2030. The overarching vision, to cultivate a thriving and vibrant city centre where people can live, work, learn and play.

Priority One’s ongoing city centre rooftop events, offer an exclusive opportunity to witness firsthand the evolving cityscape from elevated vantage points throughout the city centre in collaboration with local businesses Copeland Ashcroft, Beca, Sharp Tudhope, University of Waikato, and SwipedOn, the Rooftop Series of events  not only provide a panoramic view of the city’s ongoing progress, but also serve as a platform to network and gain updates about the ongoing development and investment whilst offering a unique perspective on the transformative journey unfolding within the heart of Tauranga Moana.

Recently, the University of Waikato-Tauranga Campus played host to one such rooftop event, welcoming attendees to witness the strides made in advancing education within the city. Joseph Macfarlane, Director of Campus Operations provided invaluable insights into the institution’s growth trajectory and outlined forthcoming developments poised to further enrich the educational experience for students and the region.

“Currently the university is in its fifth year with 1300 students enrolled and an aspiration to reach 5000 in hopes to bring an energy and enhanced contribution to the city.” Says Macfarlane.

“The university acquired 154 Cameron Road earlier this year and will, by 2027, expand the physical footprint of the campus.” He says.

Sitting amidst the cities ‘Knowledge Precinct’, the university is slowly expanding into the spaces around its main building – from Cameron Road to Durham Street, and from Spring Street to Elizabeth Street. The University envisages the campus as a fully integrated part of the city with partnerships with the revitalised performing arts centre and conference facilities.

The prior NZ Blood building will become an engineering lab, alongside the former Smith & Smith building that will be a new science laboratory, while the previous Jenny Craig building is slated to become office space to absorb the growth of the staffing profile.

The University of Waikato’s Selwyn Street student accommodation building is thriving with 93 beds and an extensive waiting list, highlighting the urgent need for more student housing for our local and international learners. Furthermore, work is scheduled to create a recreation centre adding to a vibrant student life.

Macfarlane added; “The University is here for the long term and is excited by the position of the campus in approximation to the city civic precinct as the city centre renewal continues. Our collaborative attitude has a pivotal role in shaping Tauranga Moana’s future alongside the business community.”

As the CBD Blueprint Rooftop Series approaches its culmination with the forthcoming event at SwipedOn in May, anticipation mounts for the enjoyment of our thriving city.

In essence, the rooftop events serve as more than mere gatherings; they represent a convergence of vision, innovation, and community engagement. Priority One’s ongoing updates about the ongoing growth of Tauranga’s city centre, supports communities to foster a sense of ownership and pride as  the city transforms on the back of collaboration, progress, prosperity, inclusivity, and sustainability.

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