Optimising Decarbonisation Commercials workshop with Aurecon

On June 18, 2024, Aurecon Tauranga hosted an insightful workshop titled “Optimising Decarbonisation Commercials.” This event, presented in collaboration with Priority One, focused on equipping businesses with the tools and strategies necessary to decarbonise energy use effectively while managing costs and maximising benefits.

The workshop began by addressing a common misconception: decarbonisation is not as simple as replacing a coal boiler with an electric one. Real-world decarbonisation requires a nuanced approach to ensure commercial viability, particularly in challenging economic climates.

Participants explored various mechanisms to enhance the commercial viability of decarbonisation projects. These included:

  • Energy Efficiency: Identifying and implementing quick wins to reduce energy consumption.
  • Smart Energy Procurement: Leveraging Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) for cost-effective renewable energy sourcing.
  • Demand Response: Integrating demand response strategies into business processes to optimise energy use and costs.
  • Collaborative Opportunities: Exploring partnerships with other regional businesses to share costs and benefits, creating a synergistic approach to decarbonisation.

The workshop was tailored for energy, sustainability, and commercial managers who lead decarbonisation projects within their organisations. It provided them with practical insights and tools to drive meaningful progress in reducing their carbon footprint. Attendees had the opportunity to engage with experts and peers, sharing experiences and strategies for overcoming decarbonisation challenges. Decarbonisation requires a holistic strategy encompassing energy efficiency, smart procurement, demand response, and collaboration. Current economic conditions necessitate innovative approaches to ensure the financial viability of decarbonisation efforts ad by working with regional businesses, collectively we can amplify the impact and financial feasibility of decarbonisation projects.

By leveraging a combination of strategies and fostering collaboration, organisations can achieve their decarbonisation goals in a cost-effective and impactful manner.

For further information on decarbonisation for businesses or to connect with Priority One’s Sustainability Lead, Marissa Nikora, please contact marissa@priorityone.co.nz.

About Aurecon:

Aurecon is an international engineering, design, and advisory company dedicated to co-creating a better future for people and the planet. With expertise spanning energy, process engineering, sustainability, and climate change, Aurecon partners with clients from strategy through to implementation, ensuring comprehensive support for decarbonisation and climate change ambitions.