Trimax: An insightful experience for Tauranga Boys’ College students


Thirteen students from Tauranga Boys’ College recently had the opportunity to spend a morning at Trimax Mowing Systems, a renowned global company with sites in the USA, UK, New Zealand, and Australia offering mowing solutions that increase productivity and reduce maintenance. The visit offered students an in-depth look at the various operations and career opportunities available within the company.

The session began with an introduction from COO Gareth Fergus and Michael Sievwright, CEO, who provided an overview of the company’s activities and global reach. They highlighted the diverse range of roles available at Trimax, from engineering and digital marketing to sales.

Following this, several Trimax team members shared their career journeys, illustrating the various pathways one could take. The students heard from professionals in the buying team, sales and marketing, content creation, accounting, and engineering. Many of these individuals took unconventional routes to their current roles and made deviations to what they studied demonstrating the ability to pivot at any stage and have opportunities available.

The students toured the warehouse, where they observed the store, fabrication, and service departments in action. A highlight of the visit was watching an automated robotic arm weld a section of a mower, showcasing advanced manufacturing technology.

In the CAD (computer aided design) software and design area, the students witnessed a laser cutter in operation and were given a small model Trimax mower that were cut out in front of them as souvenirs. This hands-on experience was both educational and memorable.

The tour concluded with a visit to the powder coating and painting area, where students learned about the equipment and products used for powder coating and observed the painting booth in action.

The visit to Trimax provided Tauranga Boys’ College students with valuable insights into the manufacturing industry and the various career paths available to them locally with options to work globally.