AIS Bay of Plenty – Recruitment onboarding in the Philippines


One of the foundations of AIS Global Group has always been about connections and relationships. The vision is to provide a service that is unique to the AIS brand and it starts with the connection they have with their employees heading to Aotearoa.

Our AIS Bay of Plenty director Andre Jay and AIS Global Group director Mike Milligan spent the last 2 weeks in the Philippines with their Philippines team as part of their recruitment process. The trips to the Philippines allow AIS to provide their employees and those heading to other companies direct through AIS a very detailed seminar to ease and support their transition to life in Aotearoa.

Pre-mobilization seminars with over 400 Filipino nationals that last a couple of hours each were conducted to discuss NZ culture, site culture, what it means to live and transition to New Zealand. AIS provide this service both in the Philippines and the moment their employees land in New Zealand. This includes, accommodation, bank accounts, IRD numbers, insurances, vehicles and connections to Filipino communities through social networks and church groups. It was a very vibrant, enthusiastic atmosphere filled with some very excited employees.

AIS’s has it’s own charity “AIS compassion movement,” which helps support 6 Early Childhood Centres across NZ, providing under privileged tamariki with monthly supplies such as food, classroom resources, seasonal clothing etc among other things they need. In the Philippines, AIS visited a local orphanage ‘Hospicio De San Jose,’ providing food and other much needed supplies to over 210 children and 60 elderly residences. It was an emotional moment providing children with an individual lunch pack as a treat and to see their excited faces. This relationship will continue to grow over the coming months and will be a regular visit on the AIS calendar. 

It’s very evident to AIS’s Filipino community here in New Zealand that their trip to the Philippines shows they live by the values and vision “To provide our whanau and community with the foundations to support safe, happy, and prosperous wellbeing.” The effort to which they go to in supporting local talent in the Philippines the opportunity to thrive in New Zealand shows how important it is to everyone involved in the AIS whanau.