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Valuing resources

There is a shift taking place in the construction industry across the country. Momentum is growing in waste diversion, circular initiatives, and the valuing of resources, presenting a significant opportunity to ‘build better’ and construct a more environmentally friendly future.

Last week, Sustainability Lead Marissa Nikora visited the Hawke’s Bay to check out their initiatives for diverting and minimising construction and demolition waste.

They are currently piloting a flat glass recovery bunker which recycles glass from the likes of windows and doors, at a recovery facility in Auckland, where collected glass is processed into a new reusable product. There is another encouraging initiative at a cyclone-hit school currently being decommissioned. All safe materials are being recovered and securely stored for people in the community to use in their own homes.

There is a real sense of community and working together to utilise and maximise the resources they already have available.

Accelerating action through knowledge sharing

Collaboration, experimentation, and a willingness to think innovatively were evident in all activities taking place in the region. Knowledge sharing and collaboration between our two regions provides a great opportunity to accelerate action and mark the direction of the next phase for WBOP Circular Construction projects.

Our industry-led group has its first meeting scheduled for 2024 to establish an action plan of waste diversion initiatives that we can collectively work on to implement across our city.

With 19 businesses currently involved and spread across the industry – from project management, commercial construction through to not-for-profit organisations, it’s a positive start to a burgeoning group that is ready to meet the challenges the industry currently faces with waste.

An investment of $1.5 billion

Tauranga CBD alone presents a significant opportunity to ‘build better’ for the environment, with 20 developments of scale highlighting $1.5 billion dollars of investment by 2030. Three of these developments will be 6-star rated, Green Star buildings, with the new council building at 90 Devonport Road, constructed using mass timber, serving as a shining example of how ‘building better’ by implementing environmentally conscious construction practices can be executed.

For those interested in contributing or seeking more information, connect with our Sustainability Lead, Marissa Nikora, at