New Mode Comes to Town

Tauranga is Aotearoa New Zealand’s fastest growing city and as we embark on our commitment towards being New Zealand’s most sustainable city, we see an opportunity to achieve this through transportation projects like Mode Shift.  

Through education and offering trials of the options available in our city this will support us to reduce emissions, congestion, and the productivity impacts we face across the region, due to our reliance on private motor vehicles.

The new Vallkree bike is fresh to the NZ market with the distributor Dan Wallace based here in Mount Maunganui. This is a stylish e-bike that offers a comfortable commute to and from work.

Rethink your commute!

Priority One in partnership with Vallkree NZ offered to support our CBD businesses in trialling an alternative mode of transport for a week to utilise the Vallkree electric bike instead of a car when appropriate.  We have a great group of innovative and industry leading businesses that will utilise the bike when running errands around town or commuting to the office each day.

Datacom is the first business to kick this trial off with Regional Manager Steve Swallow leading the charge on his commuting journey. We are grateful for this collective of businesses coming together to give mode shift a go and discover what works for their organization.

Mode Shift for your Business

Whether the aim is to lower your businesses carbon footprint, decrease your reliance on fossil fuelled vehicles or you just want to avoid being stuck in traffic and get to work faster – alternative transport modes such as e-bikes and scooters provide an opportunity to achieve this.

Priority One are looking to engage directly with businesses on how Mode Shift can come to life for your organisation.

Please get in touch with Sustainability Lead Marissa Nikora to learn more.