Discovering the opportunities at Beca Careers Day


The Priority One Instep programme in collaboration with Beca Tauranga, hosted more than 63 enthusiastic local secondary school students for an informative first-hand experience exploring the local opportunities that are available in engineering, architecture, planning, design, and digital technologies. The day began with a warm welcome and introductory remarks from Ben Hume, Acting Regional Manager Beca – Bay of Plenty and Priority One Instep Manager Vee de Koster, setting an enthusiastic tone for the day’s activities. To break the ice, students participated in a fun game of paper scissors rock, creating a lively and competitive atmosphere. 

The day featured nine speakers from different engineering disciplines who shared their experiences, insights, and pathways into the industry. Among the speakers was Juliet Bryan – Civil Engineer in Transport and Infrastructure, and a past attendee of Beca Careers Day when she attended Bethlehem College. In Juliet’s interview she offers a valuable perspective on transitioning from high school to higher education. 

Following the motivating talks, students embarked on site visits to the new Tauranga City Council offices and the future Library and Community Hub. These visits included presentations from architects, project managers, and discussions on the design, green certification, and the unique challenges of constructing with steel versus wood. 

A delicious lunch provided a chance for students to mingle with speakers and Beca staff, with the opportunity to ask more personal questions in relation to their area of interest. 

In the afternoon, students were divided into groups for a hands-on team activity. Tasked with designing and building a catapult, each team was given a budget to purchase tools and materials. They worked together to create a concept on paper and then brought it to life within a set timeframe. The activity was scored based on distance, height, and accuracy in hitting specific targets. This exercise displayed the students’ teamwork, creativity, and collaboration, with participants working with peers from different schools. 

Throughout the day, students were exposed to various engineering disciplines, including civil, fire, landscape architecture, mechanical, and geology. The event provided a comprehensive overview of the engineering profession, sparking curiosity and ambition among the attendees. 

Beca Careers Day once again proved to be an enriching experience, leaving students inspired and better informed about their potential futures and what is available to them locally.