Witnessing Tauranga Moana’s transformation from the rooftop

Tauranga Moana is amid a significant transformation, with the city centre evolving rapidly before our eyes. Offering a unique opportunity to observe this progress from elevated vantage points, Priority One’s ongoing city centre rooftop events have become a focal point for the community to hone a new perspective. These events, hosted in collaboration with local businesses such as Copeland AshcroftBecaSharp TudhopeUniversity of Waikato, and SwipedOn, provided not only panoramic views of the city’s developments but also served as a platform for networking and receiving updates on the city’s growth and investment activities.

Last week’s event, held at SwipedOn, featured Neil Craig, Director of Craig’s Investment Partners, who provided an insightful update on the new Craig’s building in development at 2 Devonport Road. Attendees were thrilled to hear firsthand about the growth, while enjoying the breathtaking views from SwipedOn’s seaside location. It was a moment to appreciate the evolving skyline and to imagine the future of Tauranga Moana as a thriving urban hub.

The rooftop series events have been more than just gatherings; they are a testament to the power of vision, innovation, and community engagement. Each event has offered a unique perspective on the city’s development journey through the lens of each business hosting, while at the same time fostering a sense of ownership and pride amongst the community. With the series coming to an end at SwipedOn last week the excitement remains for the future of Tauranga Moana.

The rooftop event series underscores Priority One’s commitment to keeping the community informed and involved in our city’s growth. By providing regular updates on the ongoing development, these events support inclusivity and shared purpose. The collaborative efforts of local businesses and stakeholders illustrate a collective drive towards progress, prosperity, and sustainability.