Tauranga CBD Blueprint Update | August 2022


Following the successful launch of the Tauranga CBD Blueprint, we have seen high levels of engagement and interest, resparking the community’s confidence and enthusiasm for the revitalization of our city centre.

To keep these developments as transparent and visible as possible, we intend for the CBD Blueprint to be a dynamic and evolving document, with regular updates online to reflect the major advancements of existing and new projects as they emerge.

As a part of our ongoing commitment to providing the most up-to-date information, we have introduced the CBD Blueprint Updates. Here, you can learn more about each of the 20 projects in the Tauranga CBD Blueprint as they develop, along with other news around the revitalization of our CBD – all in one place.

We will be posting regular updates, like this one, with highlights for each quarter. In this update we would like to share with you the developments across these projects:

We are looking forward to providing more information as it becomes available.