University of Waikato Blue/Green Tech Lab

The University of Waikato, with support from Priority One, have opened the regions first R&D Lab specifically focussed on engineering and technology for the primary industries.

University of Waikato Blue/Green Tech Lab

​The Blue/Green Tech Lab continues the University of Waikato’s development in Tauranga and the Western Bay, combining with the CBD campus, and specialised facilities such as the Coastal Marine Field Station (Sulphur Point) and Adams Centre for High Performance Sport, to demonstrate growing  investment and activity in support of community and industry in the region.​

The Lab is located at Mount Maunganui, and offers industry the opportunity to work with UoW staff and students on R&D projects involving automation, robotics, artificial intelligence, aquaculture and marine biotechnology 

Examples of projects include:

  • Automation and robotics in Kiwifruit
  • Marine-derived bioactives for horticulture​

The Blue/Green title reflects both the industry focus of the Lab, and a distinctive feature of our region, where land meets sea.

For more information on the University of Waikato Blue/Green Tech Lab, email