Are you prepared for the Future of Work?

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The tight labour market continues to be the top cause of concern for many local businesses, and it’s unlikely to get easier anytime soon. Significant changes to the way we work, the impact of technology in the workplace, workers’ expectations and mobility, as well as Government policies will all play a part in contributing to the Future of Work.

Priority One recently sat down to discuss these challenges with Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Grant Robertson, Xero’s Craig Hudson, Futurist Joanne Fair, local education providers, and a local student to hear their opinions on what we can be doing now to prepare Tauranga Moana for the future.

Priority One is committed to preparing Tauranga Moana for the Future of Work

As a region, we need to work as a team to ensure the Western Bay of Plenty grows, retains, and attracts the talent it needs.

Priority One is committed to ensuring local people, businesses and our region are well prepared to transition successfully into a Future of Work that will provide more highly skilled and better paid jobs.  Keeping skilled workers in the region is critical to ensure the Western Bay of Plenty has a sustainable pipeline of the work-ready talent needed. 

What can we do to prepare?

Preparing for the future requires an approach that focuses on connected pathways, not only from education to employment, but a community ecosystem that recognises the choices people have about where they live and work.

How Tauranga Moana develops as a city over the next decade in terms of housing, transport, civil and cultural amenities, and education, as well as being seen as a region of smart, innovative businesses, will directly impact our ability to retain and attract the people we need.

Preparing the next generation for the Future of Work

Through our Instep programme, we’re working with school communities to prepare students with work ready skills that we know are needed by local employers.

We’re also working with the Bay of Plenty Tertiary Partnership and Tauranga City Council to position the city as a tertiary study destination of choice that leads directly into the kind of work opportunities graduates are looking for.

Ara Rau, our skills and employment hub, has a particular focus on helping people not currently in education, employment or training to find a pathway into decent work.

Our new Youth Engagement Guide has been created for local employers to provide practical advice and tips on how to engage effectively with rangatahi so we all benefit. Find out more below.

Finally, as a business membership organisation, Priority One is stepping up its efforts to work with you, our members, to help prepare your business for future workplace changes to ensure you’re in the best position to attract and retain the talent you need.

All of this contributes to ensuring the Western Bay of Plenty is an attractive destination for the talent we need to deliver sustainable prosperity to our community now, and in the future.

We encourage you to utlitise our resources, and get involved with our events to help you prepare your business for the future.