PoweringON Programme provides clarity for local entrepreneur


Priority One is a proud supporter of the PoweringON programme, delivered by local entrepreneurial support organisation, Venture Centre. This programme aims to support small businesses on their  journeys with digital, through workshops, one on one Digital Navigation Clinics, a free digital assessment tool, and more!

Each month, Venture Centre showcases an entrepreneur in the spotlight; someone who’s utilised the PoweringON programme’s offerings, and been led to new opportunities as a result of their experience. This month’s feature was Lori Herder of Muffs Merino, the eco-friendly creator of conscious, comfy knitwear. Muffs Merino is a combination of Lori’s love of natural fibres, nature and creativity. 

Lori attended one of the PoweringON Digital Navigation Clinics with Venture Centre team member, Kendra, to gain clarity around the digital direction for Muffs Merino. Lori completed the PoweringON Digital Assessment before attending, saying that “the digital assessment was super helpful and showed me where I had room to grow. It helped me gain so much insight and highlighted exactly where I needed to go and how to get there.” Following the session with Kendra, Lori said she felt re-connected to her ‘why’ and had discovered a new sense of direction. She revamped her website to make it look more professional, and decided how she wanted to portray her business on social media. She did this by incorporating updated imagery, and delving into her ‘why’; her story of how Muffs Merino came to be.

With Lori feeling connected back to one of her core ‘whys’ – working with nature and plants – Kendra connected her with Venture Centre partner Remaker Space, a local sustainability hub. She says “with my previous experience working with plant dyes, the team at Remaker Space have encouraged me to re-explore natural dyes and I’m feeling confident again.” Lori admits that Muffs Merino is currently transitioning to a more sustainable approach to her business model. This transition looks like continuing to use acid dyes but focusing on lighter and more neutral colours that use less dye. Her choice of wool is New Zealand-grown and purchased from boutique stores. She is also excited to be currently making a new collection with plant dyes. She mentions that Remaker Space got her thinking about recycled yarns and using vintage deadstock in her garments too.

So what’s next for Lori and Muffs Merino? She is moving forward with new-found clarity around her business journey, as she asks herself “what am I providing the world? How can I help?”. Completing the PoweringOn Digital Assessment and one on one session gave Lori the clarity she needed for her next steps. She gained the headspace and capacity to focus on the impact her business can have. 

Do you also desire clarity in your business? Complete the PoweringOn Digital Assessment here and/or book a time with our Digital Navigator to create a plan to make digital tools work for you. Want to develop connections within the Venture Centre community? Sign up to Venture Centre’s news and be the first to know about growth opportunities (events) you can get involved in.