Building the future of healthcare: Grace Hospital partners with WBOP students

Two people walking outside the entrance of Grace Hospital with the hospital name in the background.

As a result of the visit to Grace Hospital on the Principal’s Day Out in 2022 organised as a part of the Priority One Instep Programme, General Manager Janet Keys contacted Priority One to re-connect with our local school principals and a collaboration was formed to hold an information evening for students interested in working at the hospital and with future goals to pursue a career in healthcare. Eighteen Western Bay of Plenty secondary-school students attended the event, signalling a positive sign for the future of work and partnerships with students.

The evening started with a comprehensive overview of what it is like to work in a hospital setting. The topics that were discussed ranged from personal hygiene to environmental safety, learning about the different areas of the facility, and the opportunities available.

A group of doctors and nurses in scrubs and masks working in an operating room at a hospital.
Healthcare professionals in their working environment

Being a reliable team player, honesty, following policies and procedures accurately, and maintaining confidentiality were mentioned as essential traits for any healthcare worker. In addition, pay rates, hours, and holiday work were presented, which are all important factors for any prospective employee to consider. 

Numerous opportunities to work in a variety of the hospital departments were presented as potential pathways.

Overall, the success of the Grace Hospital info evening highlights the importance of creating partnerships with students and investing in the future of work. By providing opportunities for students to gain experience in a business environment, we are nurturing the next generation of workers.

The students who attended the session were clearly interested and engaged, and a large number of them applied for roles that evening. This is a positive sign for the future of healthcare.

Grace Hospital staff reviewed the applications and have offered seven students roles where the others will be placed on a back-up list and assigned once appropriate positions are identified. The Grace Hospital info evening was a valuable experience for all involved and a step towards building stronger partnerships between educational institutions and our region’s healthcare providers.