Keeping it green: Highlights from Evergreen Garden Care’s inaugural sustainability week 


Evergreen Garden Care‘s commitment to sustainability took centre stage as the New Zealand team organised their first-ever sustainability week in late March. The objective was to enhance the team’s understanding and awareness of sustainability through engaging and educational activities, fuelling their motivation to promote it. The week was packed with diverse events, ranging from embracing low-impact meat-free meals to establishing a brand-new school garden for Rangiuru Primary School.

The sustainability week commenced with a delightful and environmentally conscious brunch held in the Evergreen Garden Care’s workplace wellness garden. It was a unique opportunity for the team to explore and savour new food options while learning about their positive impact on the environment. Locally produced, meat-free, and plant-based options were shared, fostering an understanding of how our food choices can significantly reduce our personal ecological footprint.

In honour of their 8th year of supporting the Garden to Table programme, Evergreen Garden Care’s sustainability week involved a productive working bee at Rangiuru School. The team helped establish new gardens by preparing, filling, and planting kiwifruit bins, empowering students to grow their own fresh food. The Garden to Table programme bridges cooking and gardening, fostering a deep connection to nature and sustainability and encourages the children to learn and try new skills in the garden.

Embracing the waste hierarchy and emphasising the importance of reuse, Evergreen also organised an on-site swap meet. Team members brought in items from home that found new life and owners through this exchange, revealing hidden treasures that now have a chance to shine in new homes. As a fitting finale to the week, the team ventured to the coast in collaboration with Sustainable Coastlines to undertake a beach clean-up at Pāpāmoa Domain. This hands-on experience not only educated participants about plastic pollution but also empowered them to actively contribute to addressing this critical issue.

Evergreen Garden Care’s inaugural sustainability week not only deepened the team’s sustainability knowledge but also sparked enthusiasm for making lasting positive changes. By nurturing a sense of responsibility towards the environment, Evergreen Garden Care are collectively driving the transformation toward a more sustainable future.

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