Member spotlight: Holland Beckett Law – Harnessing the power of policies for Talent Attraction and Retention  


In a fiercely competitive market where businesses in the Western Bay of Plenty are grappling with a scarcity of skilled talent; Holland Beckett Law has emerged as a shining example of effective talent attraction and retention strategies. With an impressive growth trajectory from 45 staff in 2008 to 136 in 2023, the firm recognises the pivotal role that attractive employee policies play in securing and retaining top-notch professionals. 

This article explores Holland Beckett’s success story, highlighting their innovative policies that go beyond traditional compensation to enhance work-life balance and family support. Holland Beckett’s recent game-changing parental leave policy is a testament to their commitment to their employees’ well-being and the broader community. 

Holland Beckett knows that to attract great people, you need an appealing offer, and beneficial employee policies are one such tool. These policies go beyond compensation and offer perks that enhance work-life-family balance. People no longer measure success solely by job titles and financial rewards; they seek a fulfilling life both inside and outside the workplace. By prioritising employee wellness through thoughtful policies, businesses can ultimately attract and retain top talent in an increasingly competitive landscape. 

Most recently, Holland Beckett has introduced a new parental leave policy – developed in consultation with existing and prospective parents within their team. The policy entitles primary carers to receive their first 18 weeks of government assistance topped up to their full pay, while partners of the primary carer are eligible to receive four weeks of paid leave. 

“When we announced the policy, it was clear that we had exceeded expectations.  This parental leave policy is designed to support our existing staff, but we hope that it will also indicate to future candidates that our package is competitive with the large national law firms.” – Ken Hawkes, Partner, Holland Beckett Law.

I was one of the first recipients of the new parental leave policy when my third child was born in March 2022.  To be able to spread four weeks leave across the first year of her life was infinitely valuable.  There is no substitute for being able to spend time with my kids. Tim Conder, Partner, Holland Beckett Law.

This is particularly topical now, with Crayon developing a New Zealand first register for Parental Leave which has gone viral online. Founder, Stephanie Pow, outlines:

While payment is valuable, there are dozens of ways employers can financially and non-financially support staff on their parenting journey, which can include: 

  • Assistance with family formation or when things don’t go to plan. 
  • Making the transition out of and back into the workplace smoother. 
  • Including employees on parental leave in remuneration reviews and promotion considerations. 

“Policy alone can set the stage, but it’s the intangible essence that truly shapes our experience. After recently having my second child, I returned to Holland Beckett and have been overwhelmed with the support I received. Beyond the financial assistance, what mattered most was the understanding and accommodation during this busy time in my life. Holland Beckett supports working parents, offering flexibility and a genuine desire to recognise their worth as valuable team members. I am grateful for the chance to thrive both as a professional and a parent, knowing that my workplace cares about my well-being and success.” Hester Sutherland-Stacey, Associate, Holland Beckett Law 

With a 3.4% unemployment rate, we invite the regions employers to reimagine their own strategies and elevate their brand in this candidate-driven market. Consider what actions you can take to elevate your employee experience and strengthen your brand in the market while unlocking the greater potential of your workforce. Consider ways in which might attract and retain top talent, and cultivate a reputation as an employer of choice in the Western Bay of Plenty.