Innovation, Sustainability and Climate Change: From Talk to Action


We recently held a design and innovation meetup focused on Innovation, Sustainability and Climate Change: From Talk to Action was the topic at Priority One’s new mode shift hub located in the CBD. Being held at the hub gave guests an opportunity to look at alternative transport options – everything from e-bikes, e-motorbikes, car share to Locky Dock and much more. While we recognise the drivers for change, the challenge remains: how to turn ideas into action?

Through discussions with businesses around the region, it is apparent that organisations are struggling with implementing new initiatives and embracing behaviour change.

We were pleased to have two knowledgeable speakers address this topic:

Gemma Hignett works across marketing, product development, and sustainability, most recently for Evergreen Garden Care (best known for the Tui brand). Taking a practical and collaborative approach to driving sustainability change, she shared her experiences of the challenges and rewards that come from forging ahead when change is uncomfortable.

Gemma is a passionate advocate for brands, businesses, and individuals taking a more sustainable approach to their choices to ensure our beautiful country continues to thrive for future generations.

Marissa Nikora has led the development of Priority One’s Sustainability Strategy, implementing the strategy to support our region on its transition to a sustainable future. With a background in HR/Recruitment, it has been a huge learning journey to understand the challenges businesses face with their sustainability transition. Working in collaboration with industries and local councils to identify barriers and opportunities, she focuses on her ability to work well with people and bring the right people together to create change.

Gemma and Marissa shared their experiences of leading new sustainability initiatives in their work, with focus on the specifics of what works, what doesn’t, and what they have learned about making lasting change.

“Throughout my journey in sustainability, I’ve learned that meaningful change begins with collaboration and understanding. A year ago, this role felt overwhelming but by bringing the right people together and identifying opportunities, I’ve seen that we can overcome any challenges and create a sustainable future for our region.” – Marissa Nikora

This event was collaborative, and the audience actively participated by sharing their own insights. As expected, the event generated contribution, discussion, and shared learning. The audience were able to network and develop connections across the community. Sustainability and Climate Change is a topic that affects us all and working together as one community will improve how we shift into more sustainable practices while making it a less daunting task.
What sustainable practices can you implement for your business? Get in touch with Marissa Nikora Project Manager – Sustainability Lead