SwipedOn inspires Otumoetai College business students

Otumoetai College’s Year 12 Business Studies class recently embarked on a unique and educational journey into the world of business through a captivating visit from the team at SwipedOn. This special interaction not only expanded the students’ horizons but also provided them with invaluable insights tailored to support their academic studies.

During this experience, students had the privilege of engaging with several key members of the SwipedOn team, a thriving tech company helping businesses across the globe to deliver quality, streamlined and efficient digital workplace systems and business tools that keep a workplace running smoothly. These industry experts shared their knowledge, experiences, and perspectives.

The visit was thoughtfully structured to align with the Business Studies curriculum, focusing on how businesses strategically respond to internal and external factors, as well as the consequences of operational decisions. This learning experience will surely benefit the students as they prepare for their upcoming exams.

Students gained an insightful understanding of the inner workings of a large business, including:

  • Organizational structure
  • Production processes
  • Managerial roles
  • Financial information for decision-making
  • Policies and procedures
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Responding to external factors:

The broader business landscape, which includes political, social, technological, and legal influences shaping business operations and strategies, was another focal point of the visit.

Students actively participated in discussions, asking thought-provoking questions, and seeking advice on various aspects of business management. Hadleigh Ford, CEO shared his journey of building SwipedOn, emphasising adaptability and the importance of listening to customers. Ian Mclaren, Digital Performance Manager, explored digital marketing, stressing the role of data analysis in informed decision-making while Jason Scott, Head of Product discussed the innovation process and how it keeps SwipedOn competitive.

Students also heard from Nicole Brooking, CRO, Rozanna Lillas, People and Culture Lead and students met Rebekka King, an intern who went from being an Otumoetai College student to working at SwipedOn. And not to mention throughout the visit, Zeke, the office dog, provided some light-hearted moments and contributed to showcasing SwipedOn’s unique workplace culture.

The Business Studies students left SwipedOn with a deeper understanding of real-world business dynamics and the challenges faced by successful companies. The visit served as a powerful source of inspiration while bridging the gap between theory and practice.

It was clear that SwipedOn’s commitment to sharing knowledge and fostering the future of work and a vibrant workplace culture left a lasting impression on our future business leaders.