Exploring global business: Otumoetai’s business studies class visits Mainfreight


Otumoetai’s Year 13 business studies class recently had an opportunity to dive into the fast-paced world of global logistics with an informative visit to Mainfreight. 

Mainfreight, a global logistics provider, specialises in managed warehousing, domestic and cross-border transport, and international freight forwarding. With a widespread presence across Australia, Asia, Europe, New Zealand, and the Americas, Mainfreight continues to broaden its global footprint. Listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange, the company is steadfastly working towards its ambitious 100-year vision. 

Guided by Warren Mckee, the students were in for a memorable experience. The day commenced with a fascinating journey through Mainfreight’s history, which can be explored further here. Afterwards, they ventured into the bustling warehouse, a hub of activity that operates 24/7, five days a week. The open-plan office layout provided a unique perspective on the operational intricacies. 

Next, the group gathered in the boardroom for an engaging presentation by Warren. His comprehensive talk covered a range of topics including: 

  • How things move: An insight into the intricate processes Mainfreight employs to keep goods moving seamlessly worldwide. 
  • Global reach and big customers: Mainfreight has an extensive presence world-wide. 
  • What makes Mainfreight special: Warren emphasised the company’s core values—People, Growth, Customers, Learning, Longevity, and Quality. 
  • Career opportunities: The presentation shed light on the prospects for career advancement within the company, as well as the celebration of dedicated team members. 
  • Mainfreight’s three pillars: Culture, Family, and Philosophy were identified as the driving forces that fortify the company’s foundation. 

This visit aligned perfectly with the Business Studies curriculum. The students gained valuable insights into societal expectations, cultural intelligence, global market dynamics, quality management, innovation, and change management. 

With a wealth of information shared and numerous questions raised, the students are now exceptionally well-prepared to excel in their upcoming exams. A heartfelt thank you goes out to Mainfreight for providing this invaluable experience. 

For more information on Mainfreight and their global operations, please visit their official website