The skies the limit: Mount Maunganui College students explore Tauranga Airport with JNP Aviation.

In early September, the Tourism class from Mount Maunganui College had the extraordinary opportunity to explore the bustling world of Tauranga Airport, all thanks to the gracious hospitality of JNP Aviation Training (JNPAT). This eye-opening excursion provided students with a firsthand look at the dynamic operations behind air travel. 

The day began with the fire and rescue team highlighting their crucial role in airport safety, followed by a ride in the fire and rescue truck. The experience was impressive, leaving students with a profound respect for those who ensure our safety in the skies. 

Next, a visit to the control tower unveiled the pivotal role of air traffic controllers in orchestrating the movements of aircraft. Witnessing the precision and expertise required for this task left students impressed and buzzing with possibilities. Seeing first hand the individuals who guide planes through the vast expanse of the sky was enlightening. 

The tour continued with an introduction to the ground crew, where students got an up-close look at ground operations. It was here that students observed a young graduate from JNPAT proficiently directing an Air New Zealand aircraft towards its designated landing gate. This powerful moment served as a catalyst for some about the potential and the opportunities available within the aviation industry. 

The Tauranga Aero Club then provided the group with invaluable insights into the pathway to becoming a pilot. Students gained an understanding about the dedication and training required to fly and navigate the skies with confidence. This experience prompted interest to the possibilities of a career in aviation. 

The day culminated at JNP Aviation Training, where students had the chance to explore the wide range of aviation qualifications and micro-credentials available. This visit served as an invaluable resource for those considering a future in aviation, offering them a glimpse into the diverse opportunities available within this dynamic field. 

The impact of this visit cannot be understated; it left students with a newfound appreciation for aviation and a spark of possibility. We extend our gratitude to JNP Aviation for their generosity in making this extraordinary day a reality.