Attracting skilled talent to the Western Bay of Plenty

It’s crucial to understand that attracting skilled talent goes beyond merely offering a job opportunity. Relocating entails a profound life decision, intertwining hope, aspiration, and practical considerations. Skilled professionals seek a destination that not only fulfils their career ambitions but also aligns with their values and offers a balanced lifestyle. With the continued growth of the region, it’s even more important to make sure Tauranga Moana stands out as an attractive destination for skilled talent.

Work-life balance isn’t just a buzzword; it reflects our innate pursuit of happiness, connection, and well-being. Professionals are drawn to our city/region because they can find fulfilment not only in their careers but also in personal pursuits that enrich their lives. Our commitment to work-life balance as employers ensures personal and professional wellbeing for incoming talent, and is vital for emotionally healthy teams.

Professionals and entrepreneurs are enticed not only by career and business prospects but also by being valued and having the ability to build a meaningful future while enjoying the region’s natural beauty and vibrant culture. With significant investment in infrastructure, a strategic location in the heart of New Zealand’s economic engine room, and a collaborative business environment, Tauranga Moana provides a fertile ground for growth and innovation.

Moreover, our city and region boasts diverse opportunities across various industry sectors, ensuring job resilience and stability. Professionals can connect with like-minded individuals via a range of ‘meet-up’ groups, access professional development resources, and thrive in a supportive ecosystem that values collaboration and partnerships.

For professionals with families, safety and quality of life are paramount. Tauranga Moana offers a nurturing environment where children can flourish, surrounded by nature, and supported by tight-knit communities. With top-notch educational institutions and family-friendly amenities, parents can feel confident about raising their children here.

For employers in our city/region, promoting well-being isn’t just altruistic; it’s strategic. Healthy and happy employees are more likely to stay, contributing to business continuity and growth. As a result, employers are becoming increasingly creative in attracting talent.

And a successful relocation hinges on connection. That’s why we created Work Life Tauranga, a platform dedicated to helping newcomers seamlessly integrate into our community. Whether talent is motivated by career growth, lifestyle benefits, or family considerations, we’re here to help make the move to Tauranga Moana easier.

As an employer Work Life Tauranga can help your new employee find their flow and thrive in Tauranga Moana. Explore our discovery page and use Work Life Tauranga as part of your recruitment toolbox. Access to knowledge is paramount, so let Evie get them started.