Avah Smith: Inspiring Young Leader in the WBOP

We are exceptionally proud of Avah Smith, this remarkable young woman, a student from Tauranga Girls’ College, participated in the 2023 Instep Young Leaders’ Forum and has now returned in 2024 as a Year 13 student. Her enthusiastic embrace of new opportunities this year is a testament to her significant personal growth.

Hayley Nelson from Craigs Investment Partners recently approached Priority One about a new fund they were initiating and inquired if we had any female young leaders interested in joining. Avah expressed interest, a connection was made, and she is now serving on the committee as the student representative for the WBOP Women’s Fund. She is in excellent company with influential women from our region, including Keryn Jarvis, Hayley Nelson, Anne Pankhurst, and Christie McGregor.

It was wonderful to see Avah in the spotlight at the launch event on Friday, May 10th. Despite her nervousness, she was truly inspiring. We look forward to witnessing Avah’s continued growth this year and are excited to see what her future holds. #FutureLeaders #Wahine #InstepYoungLeaders