Instep | Holland Beckett Law Careers Seminar


Instep inspires our young people about career and training opportunities and prepares them to thrive in a world of change. Our goal is to provide opportunities and experiences that will make the transition from education into employment, one that is smooth and successful. Part of how we accomplish this is through our Career Days and Seminars. Unlike large career expos, these Instep organised events give students (and parents) a chance to learn and interact with experienced industry professionals (and relatable recent graduates) in a relaxed and intimate environment. Attendees are encouraged to ask questions and engage on a more personal level with professionals in the industry, where there is no such thing as a silly question.

Holland Beckett Law has been a long-standing partner of the Instep Career Days and Seminars, with this event seeing more than 80 registered attendees. This was an opportunity for young people to gain insight into the pathway of a career in law, through an honest and down-to-earth-look at what it means to prepare, and what to expect.

Lead by Dean Thompson, commercial and property partner at Holland Beckett for more than 20 years, with support from Sarah Mason, recent graduate and solicitor, attendees could ask questions from an experienced professionals while having a relatable comparison to someone only a few years ahead of themselves.

Attendees were introduced to the topic of law, with an overview on the different jobs/roles that are available in the industry and a typical day-in-the-life of a lawyer, before getting into the education pathways. Thompson stressed the fact that “it’s a different world now where it can be hard to generalise, and specialising should be considered”. With law requiring a minimum of 4 years tertiary study, students were encouraged to select a university based on its merits and personal relatability to subjects that they enjoy and would excel at. “If you work hard and get good grades, you’ll get a good job.” says Sarah Mason, one of the successful summer (intern) clerk graduates who went on to secure a full time role with Holland Beckett.

Aside from the education, participants were also advised with tips for obtaining a good job in law and the attributes/characteristics that make a good lawyer. While the remuneration is a clear allure to many, it is also the self-reward of giving back to the community and the positive impact on people that makes the career fulfilling. Solicitor Emily Merrill acknowledges the gratifying nature of working in the industry; “Working on a project then driving by it at a later date and knowing you helped to get the project underway – it’s rewarding helping buyers get the [property] that they want”.

As an Aquinas College graduate who attended one of the Instep | Holland Beckett Law Careers Seminars whilst deciding on her own future career, Emily highlighted the influence that the career days had on hers, and many of her colleague’s career choice.

With attendees now armed with information on the pathways, a greater understanding of the career and valuable insight into the industry, the Instep | Holland Beckett Law Careers Seminar was considered a success once again.

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