Career Advisors’ Day Out: Exploring the intersection of education and business for pathways in media 

In the pursuit to bridge the gap between education and business, this year’s Career Advisors’ Day Out took us to the creative media sector. With the aim of highlighting career pathways and industry insights, we took a behind-the-scenes look at the operations of three prominent businesses in the Western Bay of Plenty region. 

Our first stop was Our Place Magazine, where Rachelle and Chris Duffy graciously hosted. Our Place Magazine stands as a testament to celebrating the essence of the Bay of Plenty in showcasing engaging narratives ranging from fashion and design to environmental activism. A highlight of our visit was learning about their plans to introduce a youth section to the magazine, hinting at opportunities for aspiring young writers, journos and creatives. 

Next on our itinerary was a visit to MediaWorks Tauranga, led by Erena Miller. MediaWorks, a leading media company in New Zealand, offered us invaluable insights into the realms of audio, digital, and outdoor advertising. Hearing from Tauranga Breakfast Host’s and industry veterans like Joelene James and Max Baird from The Breeze morning show provided a firsthand account of the diverse career paths within the creative industries and the types of people they look for in media roles. Moreover, the opportunity for our career advisors to craft their own radio advertisements under the guidance of Chris Hurring – Senior Production Engineer – provided some valuable insights into the operations driving this dynamic sector. Anna Exelby and Donnelle Newson from Bethlehem College owned the recording booth.

At The Shine Collective, hosted by Jackie James and Meg Jones, the pair introduced the group to the art of storytelling and various staff members then shared their career pathways and discussed the significance of public relations (PR), communications, and marketing in shaping the narrative of businesses. We had a thought-provoking chat around the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on comms and marketing and Jackie and Meg shared their thoughts about the evolving nature of the industry and the imperative for adaptability in the face of technological advancements. 

The underlying theme of our day out underscored the important relationships between education and the business sector. By gaining firsthand exposure to various industries and careers, educators are better equipped to guide students towards meaningful pathways. Understanding the intricacies of different sectors not only empowers students to make informed decisions but also cultivates a workforce that is agile and responsive to market demands. 

By nurturing talent and fostering collaborations between educational institutions and businesses, we pave the way for innovation and sustainable growth. In essence, a strong relationship between education and the business sector not only enriches the educational experience but also fuels economic vitality. 

As educators, it is imperative to grasp the ever-evolving dynamics of the business world and its implications for the future work force of Tauranga. By fostering partnerships, providing experiential learning opportunities, and instilling a spirit of adaptability, we can empower students to thrive in an increasingly complex and interconnected regional economy. In doing so, we enrich individual lives and contribute to the prosperity and resilience of our economy and region.